Empowering The Commitment To Improve Process, Social, And Health Outcomes In The Modern Workplace


FairWork enables organizations to create efficient, transformative, and fair workplaces that decrease risk, increase revenue, and improve efficiency, all while improving health outcomes.

While the direct connection between healthy workplaces and positive business outcomes has long been proven, a metric based approach that leverages cutting edge data, AI and technology does not exist. FairWork is a first-of-its kind platform that does just that.

The vision of President and CEO, Linda Goler Blount, the FairWork™ is led by Dr. Angelica Geter, EVP, Strategy, and New Business.

The Business Imperative

Over the past decade, the number of S&P 500 companies reporting on CSR and ESG efforts has increased by 780%. Investment in effective working environments is no longer an option, but an expectation of investors, regulators, market talent, and consumers. The link between improved working environments and company performance is unquestionable. According to Gartner, companies that invest in good corporate citizenship, health, and well being see dramatic improvements to business performance across all meaningful metrics:

  • +5% market share
  • +69% stock valuation
  • +60% stakeholder value
  • -40% cost of debt
  • +200% decision quality
  • +$1.3BN 15y added value
  • +20% revenue
  • +83% brand affinity
  • +60% customer loyalty
  • +13% employee productivity
  • +8 employee engagement
  • -50% employee turnover


Our proprietary research on Black women’s “felt” experiences in the workplace revealed:
31% of respondents felt a lack of alignment with 
    • Existing employer DEI policies
    • Existing programs and efforts to promote employee wellness
Black women’s efforts to protect themselves in the workplace, are often negatively perceived by managers and non-Black co-workers.
    • Resulting in lower job performance rankings and/or stalled career advancement.


As Black women they think we are strong when deep down we are hurting on the inside. If it was a support group designed for Black women at jobs mental illness and stress would be a thing of the past.”
Black Woman Sharing Her Vulnerability, BWHI Fair Work Research


Despite over $32BN of annual funding of ESG, DEI, and CSR efforts, the return on this investment for companies has been opaque at best. This is because at the organizational level, no platform meaningfully measures all aspects of a healthy workplace, and ties investment directly to tangible business results.

At FairWork, we empower organizations who are committed to improving health outcomes in the modern workplace, while driving business results. We have created a proprietary data and AI platform that helps organizations assess their current state, identify opportunities, and implement strategies that transform working environments, customer relationships, operational excellence, and investability



Data Driven: The only ecosystem that applies advanced data and AI tools to measure over 400 metrics across entire organizational structures.
Innovative: Applies a first-to-market, patented, and proprietary platform that aggregates data from multiple sources for a deep, actionable view.
Actionable: Connects assessment to outputs, outcomes, and impact that matters to people, and is supported through all project stages.
Impact Based: Addresses health outcomes while improving business results, stakeholder value, customer affinity, and employee retention and efficiency.
Proven: Designed and tested by and for world leading experts in social impact, health outcomes, data, marketing, and workplace expertise
It’s sad to say, I just put on brave face and ‘fake it till I make it.’ You have to think of the bigger picture. I don’t want to be here long term, but I need this job…"
Black Woman Speaking Her Truth about the Workplace, BWHI Fair Work Research

For Companies

We help companies and organizations drive business results by investing in their biggest asset, their employees.

Join the FairWork Journey and help us promote fairness, health and wellness in the workplace for years to come.

For Black Women


Black Women's Stories Matter

Anonymously share your experiences of discrimination in the workplace with our team. We also welcome stories from allies.


ART for Wellness™ Toolkit

How can we do what is needed and be anti-racist and block that negative energy with all that comes at us in our various workplaces? It’s doable, and this toolkit will help us all be aware of using ART for our optimal health as Black women.

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