Fair Work Initiative™

The Black Women’s Health Imperative Fair Work Initiative™ (BWHI FWI) is a quantifiable solution, and sustainable investment that progressive organizations can implement in order to reap the benefits of a fair workplace for all.

The Vision

Black women continue to have a significant impact on the social and economic fabric of business communities across the U.S. In addition to attracting and retaining qualified Black women, corporations like yours can reap the mutually beneficial impacts of a healthy Black female workforce.

The BWHI FWI™ is here to help your organization every step of the way as it becomes equipped at measuring and maintaining fairness in the workplace for many years to come. 

The vision of President and CEO, Linda Goler Blount, the Fair Work Initiative™ is led by Dr. Angelica Geter, Chief Strategy Officer.


The Proprietary Four Part Initiative

Existing DEI strategies have ultimately failed to produce effective results that leverage the often overlooked link between fair working environments and overall improvements to business performance. Through robust data design, tangible activation, and measurable impact, the Fair Work Initiative™ is the solution.

1 FW Index™ Open Source Tool

Used by corporate leaders to assess the equity of their policies, procedures, and practices, the FW Index is based on 350+ metrics to measure fairness in these areas and model systems-level transformation.

2 FW Training™
Evidence-based training extends beyond traditional DEI training and is guided by the historical context of racial and gender bias. This foundational approach gets to the root of shifting corporate culture, policies, and practices to establish long-term systemic change.
3 FW Research™

Surveys and interviews that center the voices of 3,000 Black women and their experiences in the workplace.

4 Anti-Racism Toolkit (A.R.T) For Wellness™

Employee guidance and support to help Black women navigate and thrive in the workplace.

Despite nearly 60 years of corporate diversity efforts and 25 years of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, the workplace status of Black women and women of color has not significantly changed. Corporate leaders are often challenged in describing DEI and its successes. But they all know what fairness feels like. The BWHI Fair Work Initiative™ and ART for Wellness Toolkit™ are what truly committed companies now need to create a workplace that’s fair for everyone."
LINDA GOLER BLOUNT, MPH, President and CEO, Black Women’s Health Imperative


Our proprietary research on Black women’s “felt” experiences in the workplace revealed:
31% of respondents felt a lack of alignment with 
    • Existing employer DEI policies
    • Existing programs and efforts to promote employee wellness
Black women’s efforts to protect themselves in the workplace, are often negatively perceived by managers and non-Black co-workers.
    • Resulting in lower job performance rankings and/or stalled career advancement.


As Black women they think we are strong when deep down we are hurting on the inside. If it was a support group designed for Black women at jobs mental illness and stress would be a thing of the past.”
Black Woman Sharing Her Vulnerability, BWHI Fair Work Research




Black Women are making $0.58 for every $1.00 made by white men, as of September 2022.
Black Women are underrepresented in leadership positions
Black Women are overrepresented in minimum wage jobs
Black Women are experiencing a greater variety of microaggressions, compared to women from other races and ethnicities
Black Women are receiving less support from managers
It’s sad to say, I just put on brave face and ‘fake it till I make it.’ You have to think of the bigger picture. I don’t want to be here long term, but I need this job…"
Black Woman Speaking Her Truth about the Workplace, BWHI Fair Work Research



In addition to PTSD, the increased occurrence of depression and anxiety experienced by Black women, due to race and gender discrimination is negatively impacting their overall health and productivity.
Systemic racism and discrimination are aging Black women by 7.5 years
Black women’s maternal mortality rates are being negatively impacted.
Chronic stress has become part and parcel of Black women’s experience due to workplace trauma, and is a well-documented precursor to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other illnesses.


I think there needs to be way more focus put on providing mental health services for black women. There also needs to be a more interactive unconscious bias training program.”
Black Woman Demanding More Workplace Resources, BWHI Fair Work Research

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